About us

CRYSTAL is a multinational energy company that was founded in 2008 with the purpose of bringing renewable energy to IRAQ and other developing and emerging mar- kets.
The company operates and owns energy projects world- wide, either directly or through its US subsidiary, deliver- ing electricity to underserved populations.
The founders of our company also pioneered the power and energy industry in IRAQ they built the first commer- cial-scale company in field in Middle East.
CRYSTAL is the only independent company that combines leading Midstream, Chemicals, Refining, and Marketing and Specialties businesses.
CRYSTAL is uniquely positioned to capture opportunities of the changing energy landscape.
We help the global economy thrive – from the gasoline drivers use to get to work, to the jet fuel that carries trav- elers, to the natural gas that powers businesses and the plastic products
we use every day.
We support economic growth by investing in the man- ufacturing fiber of the IRAQ and providing high-quality jobs.

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Our Services

Our Projects

Why us?

Our commitment to operating excel- lence guides everything we do – it al- ways will.
We have handreds of dedicated and tal- ented employees who share a vision for providing energy and improving lives.
We are CRYSTAL, and we’ve never been more excited about the future.

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CRYSTAL Company mission is To offers a comprehensive suite of specialised profes- sional and project services for the Facilities Management Industry and the Commercial Property Sector. These include:
- Auditing & Maintenance Services
- Project & Facility Management Service - Energy Services
- Manufacturing Services
- Products for Electrical Energy Efficiency



1. To provide client focused and tailored solutions to enhance the performance of power distribution equipment through continuous commissioning using our series of condition auditing, site rectifications and monitoring techniques.
2. Nationally, encourage the rational use of energy through energy and power quality management via maintained energy management systems.
3. Drive innovative processes and systems, aided by technology to provide overall
clarity in both energy systems and commercial property maintenance and building sys- tems.

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Our Services

CRYSTAL is able to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet all clients’ needs throughout the project lifecycle covering me- chanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) ser- vices.
CRYSTAL can undertake surveys and reporting duties on the existing facilities of a building, either legacy or those that have just been in- stalled.
CRYSTAL has considerable experience in nego- tiating complex planning matters and can pro- vide energy strategy reports as required by the planners using data from building modelling tools.
They can design air conditioning, general ventilation, heating, electrical and lighting systems with expertise on communication/ data systems, building management, commis- sioning, and documentation review.


Our Projects

1- The installation and implementation of electricity towers length of 180 km and in favor of the Directorate General of the projects of electric power transmission
2- Preparing and implementing power transmission towers with accessories and iso- lators worth (20) million dollars for the General Directorate of electrical transmission projects
3- Supply of cables and accessories to the Directorate General of power transmission projects
4- Referred to the implementation and processing of high pressure towers with all ac- cessories of insulators, wires and optical kabaloo for the Directorate General of electri- cal transmission projects
Worth $ 154 million
5- Processing and implementation of a cable and optical cable from Brock